Stray Cats League

  • 2 hours of play, Tuesdays 12:30 & Fridays Noon
  • 4 players assigned in advance to each of 2 courts
  • $20 per match
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    • Ticket boxes cleared upon purchase, dated when used.
    • Please make purchases prior to matches.
  • 10 min warm up, play is on the far 2 courts
  • Play 3 sets, rotate partners each set
  • Spin for partners & serve, use next to serve after switch
  • All sets are first to 6 games (tie-breaker at 5-5)
  • Tie-breakers are first to 7 by 2, no switching sides
  • All games max of 2 deuce (sudden death on 2nd deuce)
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    • A quick pace of play will increase odds of completing all 3 sets in the 2 hours provided.
    • Switching sides after 4 games is recommended.
    • 1 player per court is assigned Ball Duty.
    • When crossing a court, cross on left side as you enter, and never at the net. Cross quickly in the back of the court.
    • Please use caution when returning balls to Live Ball playing courts as they are in a continuous play mode. Please return their balls to the back of their court.
    • Players must promptly leave their court (clean) when time is up.
    • Matches at Bullis School, 10601 Falls Rd, Potomac
    • Park in tennis parking spots only, no numbered spots
    • Agents: D – Deb Dager, M – Laurie Calder
    • Please keep availability accurate on the sheet via the agents.
    • Agents track availability, assign matches, and assist with substitutions.
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