“Wow, two great clinics! Live ball really improved my net game with great players and a fast pace! I hit a ton of balls! The T&T is amazing too! It really helped me to focus on strategy and refine my technique. The pros are great and the players are all friendly and warm!”
Cheryl Hayes
“I don’t know what I enjoy most– getting a great work out at the Live Ball clinic, working on net skills, or meeting new friends. Terrific way for any tennis enthusiast to spend an 1.5 hours on the court.”
Janet Mednik
“The live ball clinics are fantastic! A great place to practice your net game. Balls are fed into the game one after another so there is little time between points. I never thought of doubles as a good cardio work out until live ball!”
Julie Lieuw
“The best value for your money when it comes to clinics. You hit more balls and have a lot of fun.”
Caroline Semmler
“Jim challenges you to make changes in your game that really help. I have already successfully incorporated 2 key techniques from the T&T clinic and can see the results.”
Amy Maron
“This is a fantastic clinic at the Bullis tennis bubble. Play is on hard court in a new bubble. There are 2 different clinics you can sign up for. “Live Ball” or “T & T or technique & tactics”. Live ball is great if you want to hit a lot of balls & improve your net game. I find that I can experience so many more points in such a shorter amount of time than in a social doubles game. The T & T clinics are perfect if you want to improve stroke technique & strategy. I love being able to sign up easily on line through the website. I can see how many other players are signed up & see what level players are participating. It’s such a nice option when I want to play tennis but don’t want to bother finding 3 more players & booking a court. I love the format of live ball & the quality of instruction with the T & T sessions.”
J.L. from Potomac MD
“I have taken about 4 live ball clinics and I am a huge fan – Steve the pro is very good at keeping us moving. It’s a great workout, FUN, your volleys and footwork will definitely improve and the 90 minute session flies by. Sign up – you won’t regret it!”
L.M. from Bethesda MD
“Since I have been going to Live Ball and T&T, there have been several cases where during a match I do something really good and my partner turns to me and says “Where did that come from?”. My reply is always one of 4 things, either “Live Ball”, “T&T” or “Steve” or “Jim”. Going to the BEST Clinic has improved my tennis game more than any other things I have tried.”
D.D. from Potomac MD
“Live Ball is a fantastic workout and allows you to hit hundreds of balls, “grooving” your shots (especially at the net). The women (so far, only women, but I’m sure men are welcome!) are consistently good players and really nice, and the coach is funny and motivating (Steve, don’t let this go to your head). Highly recommend.”
Sara Lemke-von Ammon
“AWESOME!! The best find in tennis.”
Eve Schiff
“In my opinion, T & T is currently the best doubles-strategy clinic in the area and certainly one of the best ones I have taken in many years. I particularly like the student-pro ratio and the fast-paced drills without sacrificing the doubles strategy instruction. Jim is amazing at observing the players’ strengths and weaknesses and has the ability to help correct key mistakes with simple and doable steps.”
Miriam Gautier de Ostria
“These classes are really great. I do a lot of tennis clinics, classes, ladders and leagues in the area and the two classes offered here are phenomenol. I take the Techniques & Tactics clinic with Pro Jim Shepard and I can honestly say I have never received such great instruction before. I have learned so much about ball placement and strategy that has helped me in my USTA leagues. Throughout the class he offers nonstop tips, insights, criticism and compliments in a really fun way. He has so much energy it is contagious. Plus he makes the class so much fun.
I also take the Liveball sessions and they are AWESOME for improving your net play or if you just want a total nonstop cardio workout. You’ll burn about 1,000 calories, no kidding. Liveball is such a fun game you won’t even know you’re working out. Steve Miguel leads it. We are lucky to have him because he is such a highly-rated pro–truly. WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER Steve! Another huge perk about these clinics is you can sign up on Sign Up Genius the day before — no worries about make-ups or long-term commitments.
I also have to say (having tried a LOT of clinics around here) that these two are so reasonably priced–less than $20 for a 90 minute Liveball session! T&T is priced about the same price (for the 90 minutes) as the Montgomery County Rec classes, but the instructional level is SO much higher!”
E.S. from Potomac MD
“This is a great clinic! live ball is energizing, fun, fast paced, and the ball is always coming back! the pros are engaging, and provide feedback..what we women lack most?? footwork and movement to the ball, and the lob goes up..what do we say “yours”!! we should say “mine”..they hit it right on!
Laura Sommers
“The Best Tennis Clinic is the best tennis clinic in the area! The Live Ball clinic is so fast-paced that you don’t have time to lament a poor shot. You have to be ready for the next one! Lots of practice with volleys and ground strokes and some overheads. Live Ball is not about getting instruction, it is about practicing. The Techniques and Tactics clinic is for instruction. The price is incredibly reasonably and signing up is super easy. The calibre of play is high level.”
Laurie G. from Gaithersburg MD
“I have been enjoying Best Tennis Clinic’s Live Ball clinics for about 10 sessions, and am enjoying it a lot. The clinics are fun, energy filled, and a great workout, and it’s a great way to meet other players. I highly recommend Live Ball!”
S.L. from DC