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Top 10 Signs It’s Time To Dump Your Doubles Partner

by Karla Araujo

Marriages fail. Business partnerships fall apart. Families feud. It’s no secret that getting along with any type of partner can be problematic. So […]

12 Tennis Resolutions To Reform Your Snarky Habits

We’ve all misbehaved just a little bit on the tennis court, haven’t we? Who among us hasn’t called a […]

Ladies Tennis Cartoon

10 Things to Explain to Non-Tennis Playing Friends

  1. Why you refer to yourself as a 3.5
  2. Why grand slams are basically our equivalent to Fashion Week
  3. Why we can’t play with anyone else’s racket
  4. Why our […]

Bridesmades Tennis War

The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches

1. Courtesy. Tennis is a game that requires
cooperation and courtesy from all participants. Make
tennis a fun game by praising your opponents’ good […]

Are You A Tennis Addict? Take This Self Test

By Karla Araujo

<a href="http://betterafter50 click to read more.com/2015/12/aare-you-a-tennis-addict-take-this-self-test/” target=”_blank”>Read the very funny article…

Why You Should Never Tell the Truth in Tennis

By Karla Araujo

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Tennis Face Fun “Nice try,” my partner mutters as she dusts the optic yellow fuzz and dusky green […]

Better Aging Through Practice, Practice, Practice


SIXTY is not the new 40. Fifty isn’t either. Your lung capacity in late-middle age is in steady decline, […]

Live Ball: Tennis Without the Rules

CREDIT: Wall Street Journal, Jen Murphy

Live ball is an intense workout and social game for tennis players in a rowdy mood

If you think tennis is […]