Racquet Restringing

Multi-Filament String Options

  • MULTIFEEL  ($45)
    • Ideal for players looking for a soft and arm-friendly string as well as those seeking to soften up a stiff frame.  This string offers a high level of comfort, excellent ball pocketing and a soft and dampened feel.  Multifeel is ideal for players looking for a soft and arm-friendly string as well as those seeking to soften up a stiff frame.
  • BLACK CODE  ($50)
    • Tecnifibre’s softest co-poly, and it is ideal for big hitters who want the surgical precision of a polyester but with above average comfort and great feel.  In addition to its remarkable control, Black Code has massive spin potential thanks in part to its 5 grip edges. Intermediate and advanced players looking to attack the ball without having to worry about over hitting should love this string. The fact that it puts less stress on your arm than the average poly is a very nice bonus
  • 4S  ($50)
    • Gives big hitters a durable, low-powered co-poly with MASSIVE spin potential, impressive tension maintenance and great feel. Boasting a square profile and sharp edges, this string puts a very tight grip on the ball. Topspin players will be able to hit high-arching, spin-loaded balls that come down sharply and explode off the court.
  • TRIAX  ($55)
    • This string does not skimp on comfort. What separates this very arm-friendly string from the competition is that it also has higher levels of control, making it suitable to bigger hitters. Tecnifibre achieves this control partly through an innovative construction that integrates firm polyester filaments with softer polyamide (nylon) filaments. Triax also gives you the benefit a Silicon Pyrogene Lubritec (SPL) coating, a feature that not only helps it snap back for extra spin but also gives it some protection against the frictional wear that leads to breakage.
  • NRG2  ($55)
    • One of the most popular multi-filaments ever made.   Offering a slightly firmer feel than the natural color, it delivers world class comfort, playability and vibration dampening. The remarkable feel, at once comfortable and crisp, is achieved by combining stretchy polyurethane with powerful Elastyl fibers and an abrasion resistant coating. Used as a full set or a hybrid cross, NRG2 is second only to natural gut when it comes for comfort, power and feel.
  • NATURAL GUT  ($70)
    • Made from the fibrous and stretchy serous membrane of cow intestines, natural gut is the game’s most storied and iconic string type. Although it has been around since the 1800s, the tennis industry has yet to create an alternative that captures the magic of its elasticity, including the unrivaled comfort, power and feel that flows from it. Natural gut also retains its tension and optimal playing characteristics longer than any other string type. In addition to being a popular pick for players with tennis elbow or sensitive joints, natural gut is singular in that it can be tightly tensioned for control without compromising comfort.

Mono-Filament String Options

  • SONIC PRO  ($45)
    • Made from uniquely refined co-polymer polyester with a soft molecular construction Sonic Pro string offers excellent control and touch. Though polyester strings are stiffer, durable, and more control-oriented, Sonic Pro is soft-feeling and offers a livelier response.
    •  Most durable & extreme.
  • LYNX  ($50)
    • A medium firm co-poly that delivers remarkable precision on full swings. This string is ideal for players with long, fast strokes. With its lively snapback, Lynx should help topspin players hit a heavy spin loaded ball that explodes off the court. Built with additives to increase elasticity and feel, Lynx also performs well on slower strokes where it possesses above average touch for a firm monofilament. Recommended to intermediate and advanced players.
  • LYNX  TOUR ($50)
    • A versatile co-poly with impressive comfort and touch. Unlike the stiff construction of a traditional polyester monofilament, Lynx Touch benefits from a co-extrusion process that places a soft and elastic material inside a durable and translucent polymer matrix. In addition to giving you the control to attack the ball from the baseline, Lynx Touch delivers surprisingly good feel around the net. Poly players in search of a more responsive and comfortable option should give this string a serious look
  • HAWK TOUCH ($55)
    • A slightly softer version of the original Hawk. This co-poly has Head’s unique Crystal Core technology, featuring a pliable inner core surrounded by a firm outer shell. The result is a string that is firm enough to deliver exceptional control, but also muted enough to reduce the harshest vibrations. The low-powered response will allow big hitters to take huge cuts at the ball, a fact that bodes well for those who want to ratchet up the spin. This is a great option for strong intermediate and advanced level players who are looking for a very precise and accurate response when the stroke speed goes up.

Contact Info

Eben Donkor

Drop Off

  • Potomac Swim & Tennis Club
    • 10531 Oaklyn Dr Potomac, MD 20854
  • Racquets can be sent/returned via
  • All stringing completed in 24 – 72 hours.
    • Same day stringing: +$20
    • 24 hr turn around: +$10

Additional Racquet Options

  • Replacement Grip  ($20)
  • Overgrip  ($5)
  • Vibra Clip Dampener  ($10)
  • Client Provided String  ($20)