Bullis/PSTC Adult Clinic Information

Clinic Sign Ups

  • Sign ups are for the reservation of a spot in an adult clinic.
  • We will accept drop ins but only if space is available, it is best to be signed up.

Sign Up Sheet Postings

  • Sets of 4-8 weeks of clinics are posted at a time. 
    • An email is set out to our player database with each posting.
  • PSTC members are given access to PSTC adult clinics 1-2 weeks prior to non-members.
    • Sign up sheets are password protected when the signs ups are “member-only”.
  • A minimum of 4 players must be signed up by 2pm the day prior to hold a clinic.
    • An email is sent to those signed up if a clinic is cancelled due to weather or not enough players.

Your Sign Up

  • We ask for all deletes to be made AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. 
    • When you delete less than 24 hours prior, or do not show, you are likely keeping someone else out, who would have paid for that spot.
  • No-shows or Deletes after 1pm the day before the clinic will be given 1 email warning. 
    • For any following occurrences of a no-show or a late delete, the player will be charged 1 Token.
    • For the next occurrence within 6 months, the player will be charged and future sign ups will be removed.
  • You must be logged in to the SignUp Genius (top right) to see delete buttons below your sign ups. 
    • It is good to double check the sign up sheet after any delete to make sure the request was processed all the way through.
  • All of your current sign ups can be viewed by selecting your  account logo at the top right (initials, be logged in), then Sign Ups, then Invited To tab at the top.
  • If you have any issues with the delete of a sign up, email deb@thebestclinic.com for help.

Clinic Payment

  • Players purchase Clinic Tokens which are used for clinic payment and these tokens are managed in the Token Database.
  • Tokens should be purchased prior to the clinic or immediately following the clinic.
  • Tokens can be used for clinics at PSTC or Bullis and never expire.
  • Discounts are given for quantity purchases and to PSTC members.
  • All adult clinics are 1 Token except for Level Up drop ins, those are 2 Tokens.
  • BUY Tokens

Token Database

  • Open & Used tokens are managed in the Token Database
  • An empty box following a players name indicates a token was purchased and not yet used.
  • A date in a box following a player’s name indicates the token was used for a clinic taken on that date.
  • A box with a No Symbol in it indicates a token was not purchased, and it will not be filled with a date.
  • The date in the far right “Buy Date” column is the date the token(s) were purchased.
  • Once a row has been filled, it is moved to the Used Tokens tab (at the bottom).
  • VIEW Token Database

Cat Levels

  • For players new to Bullis/PSTC or without an assessed cat level, they must first attend the following clinic level for a cat assessment.
    • USTA/NTPR 3.0 – 3.5  >>  Cheetah  [Intermediate]
    • USTA/NTPR High 3.5  >>  Lion or Cheetah  [Intermediate]
    • USTA/NTPR 4.0  >>  Tiger or Puma  [Advanced]
    • USTA/NTPR  4.5 – 5.0  >>  Panther   [Elite]
  • We ask that players use their assessed cat level to determine the classes they sign up for and to provide the cat level with their sign ups.
  • Cat level assessments are ongoing and players will be notified as approved levels change up or down.
    • Pros advance players who are dominating at their current level.
    • At clinic water breaks players are welcome to ask the pros what they need to work on to advance to the next level.
  • The descriptions of all cat levels can be view at the bottom of this page.

Sign Up Comments

  • We ask that players enter their Cat Level [JA, AP, PA, TI, PU, LI, CH] when signing up or their USTA/NTPR level [3.0-4.5] if new & have not been assessed by a Pass Academy Pro. 
  • We ask that PSTC members add yes to their comment on PSTC sign ups when on a wish list, so they can be given priority.

Wish Lists

  • Periodically we will manually move players on the Wish List if a spot opens, player will be emailed.
    • PSTC members will receive priority on PSTC clinic wish lists when yes is entered in the comment area.
  • If you are on a Wish List, we will do our best to get you in after a delete, but it is not a guarantee of the next open spot.
    • If a spot in a clinic is open, it’s ok for someone to sign up for the spot when others are on the wish list.
  • The moves off the Wish List are done manually so PLEASE keep Wish List requests accurate so those that want to play can know as early as possible.
  • New openings in full clinics often happen 3 days prior to the clinic.  They sometimes happen less than 24 hours before the clinic due to an emergency situation.
  • We ask that Wish List requests be deleted as soon as no longer desired.

Live Ball

  • Live Ball is not for beginner tennis players/Bobcats (See Cat Descriptions below).
  • Courtesy
    • Make all line calls promptly and accurately.
    • Do not challenge calls made by tennis pros, opponents, or partner.
    • The use of profanity, loud yelling, racquet throwing and any form of misconduct is not permitted.
    • Please do your equal share of ball pick up, holding off socializing until courts are clear of all balls.
  • Safety
    • When hitting at your opponent, aim for below the waist (feet) when hitting from within the service line.
    • Players should tell their partner to ditch the net if they hit a weak lob to their opponent.
    • If the lob isn’t going to be great, avoid the lob, better to keep the ball low.
    • Ditch the net on any weak lob that a strong opponent will overhead smash.
    • Balls not in play should be pushed to the back of the court as quickly as possible (not to sides or net).
    • When a ball needs clearing, let pro know loudly & clearly, then clear quickly to the back.
    • Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls when not in play, throwing your racquet or any other object.
  • Quality
    • Look to play high percentage shots for competitive, challenging, strategic, and safe point exchanges.
    • Aim for the winners off players balls, not necessarily the feed from the pro.
    • When not in play, please keep your focus on the next position so you are ready to go when “rotate” is called.
    • When more than 2 players on a side, aim to rotate in a  circle.
      • When first feed it to the deuce side, rotation is to the left. When first feed is to the ad side, rotation is to the right.
    • If there are 2 players already in line and multiple courts, or if directed by a pro, please move quickly to another entry line location.
    • Please clear balls & return yourself to ready position as quickly as possible.


  • Play at own risk.
  • All players must wear non-marking, light-soled tennis shoes and proper tennis attire and have good personal hygiene.
  • Please discard all trash and recyclable items in appropriate receptacles.
  • Water is allowed on courts in plastic containers only. No other food or drink is allowed on courts, and glass containers are prohibited.
  • The deliberate hitting of balls at the ceiling, wall, curtains, and light fixtures is prohibited.
  • Respect Pass Academy coaches & staff while they are trying to provide an enjoyable, engaging & challenging environment for all.
  • Pass Academy coaches have the right to make appropriate clinic placement adjustments as they see applicable.

Tennis Bubbles


  • Please cross on the far LEFT side of the bubble.
  • Quickly cross in the BACK of the court, NEVER at the net.
  • If a lesson or a clinic is taking place on a court, please wait on the benches or chairs near the revolving door on court 1, leaving the bench available for the players and pro of that court.
  • When you cross in the back of a Live Ball court, cross with extreme caution, and do not be looking at your phone because you may get hit in the ear with a ball!
  • If you arrive early, please be respectful of the courts already in play. It you want to stretch, please find an area that is not in the line of sight of play or on the edge of the court.
  • Please try to  depart quickly for the players coming for the following session.
  • We encourage all players to arrive on time for their clinics, it shows respect to the other players in the clinic and to the tennis pro.


  • Please wait until a point is over to walk on a court or retrieve/return a ball.
  • Please keep the courts clean by throwing away any trash, and wearing clean shoes.
  • Due to parking limitations, we ask that you promptly depart following your clinic to free up parking spaces for those eager to get on the court.
  • Keep all sign ups, including all Wish List requests, accurate & up to date.
  • Make any sign up deletes as early as possible to give those on the wish list max notice time.

Bullis Parking Options

  • Tennis players are only permitted to park in the following locations:
  • The 15 spots signed with “Reserved Tennis” across the street & around the bend from the tennis bubble.
  • Along the side of the road leading away from the bubble up to the speed bump.  Do not park on the side of the road after the bump that now has an orange line on it.
  • Any space WITHOUT a number, without Reserved, without Visitor on it. Unmarked spaces:
    • Drive towards playing fields & take a right at the T, there are unmarked spaces in the row in front of the buses. There is a walking path to the left of the gym toward the tennis bubble.
    • Drive towards the playing fields & take a left at the T, there are unmarked space in front of the football field.
  • Please do not park in a numbered spot, these are for the teachers and faculty.

The Code

Cat Descriptions

Skills & Movement for LB CATs

NTPR Level Descriptions


Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.