The Best Adult Tennis Clinics

All adult clinics ARE ON for Wednesday January 8th.


At Pass Academy adult clinics, we aspire to provide an enriching community where all players can reach their greatest potential.  Our staff is passionate and cares immensely about player success and growth. We are a dedicated and enthusiastic team that is continually innovating to provide an outstanding, educative and electric experience for players of every level.

Our Exceptional Adult Training Centers

Our Phenomenal Adult Clinics & Programs

Live Ball

High energy continuous-play tennis games for 1.5 hours. Fun & competitive point play that will improve fitness, footwork, reaction time & net game. No down time between points with continuous movement between offense & defense.

Drill Sessions

Innovative drills that highlight and explore strokes from tactical and technical perspectives for 1.5 hours.  Includes drills and games to work all positions & formations on the court.

Instructional Clinics

Transformative tennis instructional program that is designed for players who are ready to take their game to the next level. Players will develop throughout multiple weeks of on-court training & instruction from exceptional Pass Academy professionals.

Doubles Strategy Clinic

Tennis skills clinic for 1.5 hours with exceptional stroke & technique instruction followed by coached matched play.  Covers all strokes, court positioning, shot placement & strategy.

Advanced Skill Drills

Drill for 1.5 hours on specific advanced tennis skills. Lite instruction and heavy drill & practice.


1 hour of High Intensity drills to take your game & your fitness to the next level.


Private Lessons, Custom Clinics & Performance Coaching Session. On-line request form available.

Hustle, Hit & Never Quit with The Best Clinic!