Cancellations & Openings2017-11-28T08:34:26+00:00

Cancellation Policy

  • Only sign up for dates you are truly planning on attending.
  • AS SOON AS you realize you can no longer attend a clinic, please delete your sign up immediately to allow others time to discover the opening. The 2 day before email reminder is a great time to double check your calendar. Login to SignUp Genius: My Account -> Settings -> Notifications, scroll to bottom to set email/txt notification options.
  • If you are not going to be able to attend a clinic, please, please delete your sign up at least 24 hours before the clinic. Any deletes less than that should be due to an emergency only. When you delete less than 24 hours prior, or do not show, you are likely keeping someone else out, who would have paid for that spot.
  • If you have any issues with the delete of a sign up, email for help. Btw, you must be logged in to the SignUp Genius (top right) to see delete buttons below your sign ups. And, it is good to double check the sign up sheet after any delete to make sure the request was processed all the way through.
  • If you ever forget to stop in the office for check out, please email or call 301.299.0007 right away so they do not have to spend time hunting you down.

Clinics Openings

  • New openings in full clinics often happen on Sundays & Mondays prior to the clinic. They also often happen 48 – 24 hours before the clinic. They sometimes happen less than 24 hours before the clinic due to an emergency situation.
  • A manual wait list is kept for several type of clinics and round robins but can not be done for live ball as there are multiple deletes every day and we could not manually facilitate the correct movement into the open spots. So far we have not been able to find an automated wait list system that gives us everything we would like, but we continue to research.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.