Bullis Parking Options

Tennis players are only permitted to park in the following locations:

  • The 16 spots signed with “Reserved for Tennis” across the street from the tennis bubble.
  • Along the side of the road leading away from the bubble up to the speed bump.  Do not park on the side of the road after the bump that now has an orange line on it.
  • As you enter Bullis from Falls Road, there is a visitor parking lot immediately to your left.  When coming to a later clinic, this might be the safest bet.
  • Any space WITHOUT a number on it. Unmarked spaces:
    • Drive towards playing fields & take a right at the T, there are unmarked spaces in the row in front of the buses. There is a walking path to the left of the gym toward the tennis bubble.
    • Drive towards the playing fields & take a left at the T, there are unmarked space in front of the football field.

Please do not park in a numbered spot, these are for the teachers and faculty. If you are in a 9 or 9:15 session, please try to check out & depart quickly for the players coming at 10:45 and 11:00.

Thank you for your understanding & cooperation.