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Court Etiquette

  • When crossing a court, do not cross behind a pro and never at the net. Quickly cross in the back of the court on the side where the pro can see you.
  • Wait until a point is over to walk on a court or retrieve/return a ball.
  • Make all line calls promptly and accurately; do not challenge calls made by tennis pros, opponents, or partner.
  • Please keep the courts clean by throwing away any trash, and wearing clean shoes.
  • Balls not in play should be pushed to the back of the court as quickly as possible (not to sides or net).
  • Always be safe. Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls when not in play, throwing your racquet or any other object.
  • The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches

Thank you for your cooperation.