Best Clinic Code

Bullis Tennis Bubble


  • Please cross on the far LEFT side of the bubble, the side closest to the office.
  • Quickly cross in the BACK of the court, NEVER at the net.
  • If a lesson or a clinic is taking place on a court, please wait on the benches or chairs near the revolving door on court 1, leaving the bench available for the players and pro of that court.
  • When you cross in the back of a Live Ball court, cross with extreme caution, and do not be looking at your phone because you may get hit in the ear with a ball!
  • If you arrive early, please be respectful of the courts already in play. It you want to stretch, please find an area that is not in the line of sight of play or on the edge of the court.
  • If you are in a 9 or 9:15 session, please try to check out & depart quickly for the players coming at 10:45 and 11:00.
  • We encourage all players to arrive on time for their clinics, it shows respect to the other players in the clinic and to the tennis pro.


  • Please wait until a point is over to walk on a court or retrieve/return a ball.
  • Please keep the courts clean by throwing away any trash, and wearing clean shoes.
  • Due to parking limitations, we ask that you promptly checkout and depart following your clinic to free up parking spaces for those eager to get on the court.
  • Keep all sign ups, including all Wish List requests, accurate & up to date Make any sign up deletes as early as possible to give those on the wish list max notice time.
  • Wish Lists requests are worked manually and are tricky and we do not want to grant a wish only to have it deleted shortly after.
  • 3-STRIKE POLICY: The third time a player is a no-show or deletes less than 24 hours prior to the clinic, they will need to pay for 1 missed clinic and their strike count will reset. If they fail to pay within 48 hours of being notified of their third strike, their future sign ups will be removed.

Live Ball


  • Make all line calls promptly and accurately.
  • Do not challenge calls made by tennis pros, opponents, or partner.
  • The use of profanity, loud yelling, racquet throwing and any form of misconduct is not permitted.
  • Please do your equal share of ball pick up, holding off socializing until courts are clear of all balls.


  • When hitting at your opponent, aim for below the waist (feet) when hitting from within the service line.
  • Players should tell their partner to ditch the net if they hit a weak lob to their opponent.
  • If the lob isn’t going to be great, avoid the lob, better to keep the ball low.
  • Ditch the net on any weak lob that a strong opponent will overhead smash.
  • Balls not in play should be pushed to the back of the court as quickly as possible (not to sides or net).
  • When a ball needs clearing, let pro know loudly & clearly, then clear quickly to the back.
  • Do not participate in any behavior that would risk injury to anyone else, such as throwing or hitting balls when not in play, throwing your racquet or any other object.


  • Look to play high percentage shots for competitive, challenging, strategic, and safe point exchanges.
  • Aim for the winners off players balls, not necessarily the feed from the pro.
  • When not in play, please keep your focus on the next position so you are ready to go when “rotate” is called.
  • When not on queen side, aim to rotate in a counter-clockwise circle. If there are 2 players already in line or if directed by a pro, please move quickly to another entry line location.
  • Please clear balls & return yourself to ready position as quickly as possible.

The Code

Thank you for your cooperation.