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10531 Oaklyn Drive Potomac, MD

4★ Live Ball Clinics

  • High energy continuous-play tennis games.  Adult men & women welcome.
  • Fun & competitive point play, improve fitness, footwork, reaction time & net game.
  • No down time between points with continuous movement between offense & defense.

4★ Live Ball Sign Up

  • Please make clinic sign ups at least 24 hours prior to the clinic.
  • A Bullis or other live ball pass can not be used at PSTC and vice versa.
  • If a Live Ball session does not have at least 4 players signed up by 9pm the previous day, the session will be cancelled.
  • We will do our best to accommodate drop-ins but first priority will be given to those who have signed up with the SignUp Genius below. Failure to show will be tracked and it is best for all if you would PLEASE MAINTAIN SignUp Genius ACCURACY. Thank you.

Sign Up Tips

  • Early sign ups attract others to sign up. The sooner the better!!
  • After you check the small ‘Sign Up’ button for the desired day & time, click the large ‘Submit and Sign Up’ button at the bottom to complete your sign up.
  • To remove yourself from a sign up, login to SignUp Genius and a delete button will appear below your name.
  • Contact Us for any questions or problems.

4★ Live Pass Ledger

Abbe Gross10/210/910/1510/2010/18/2020
Adrian Wiestner10/1410/1510/209/20/2020
Aidyn Bibolov10/2010/20/2020
Alexa Whiteside10/1510/8/2020
Alison Kutler5/277/147/228/155/25/2020
Allyson McMahon9/2410/110/810/159/28/2020
Allyson McMahon9/28/2020
Allyson McMahon9/28/2020
Allyson McMahon9/28/2020
Ana Molina🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/1/2020
Anabela Puhl10/610/10/2020
Ann Kopsidas10/1510/5/2020
ANNE BOUHOUR10/1010/1410/1510/1910/9/2020
Anne Moore9/219/2810/510/199/28/2020
Annie Carey10/189/14/2020
Aulo Gelli9/29/99/168/31/2020
Aulo Gelli8/31/2020
Banu Karimi-Shah10/1810/2010/7/2020
Banu Karimi-Shah10/7/2020
Becki Weiss10/710/1510/2010/7/2020
Behnaz Yalda10/410/109/21/2020
Beth Levine7/89/26/20/2020
Beth Swartz9/2910/110/610/209/16/2020
Cameron Nasseri10/199/20/2020
Carolina Posada9/239/21/2020
Catherine Foot5/29/2020
Cheng Hoon Lim7/108/58/97/12/2020
Dawn Yules🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/19/2020
Deborah Langer🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/8/2020
Deborah Schultz9/59/259/9/2020
Denise Gill10/610/207/12/2020
Denise Gill9/23/2020
Devin Hinton8/48/118/188/258/3/2020
Donna Damico8/12/2020
Donna Damico9/25/2020
Donna Damico9/25/2020
Ed Staunton🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 9/8/2020
Elissa Lei9/9/2020
Elissa Lei9/9/2020
Erin Greene9/2910/59/29/2020
Evan Hendricks10/2010/2110/19/2020
Eve Schiff10/110/410/810/119/6/2020
Frank Pigott10/1110/1810/11/2020
Frankie Lawrence10/1810/1910/2010/17/2020
Frankie Lawrence🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/19/2020B
Gina Faricy10/2010/6/2020
HOURI SIRA🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 8/26/2020
Howard Levine9/19/49/58/25/2020
Janette Pepper10/1810/209/22/2020
Janette Pepper9/22/2020
Janette Pepper10/20/2020B
Jayne Korolkoff5/275/26/2020
JD Wilde8/48/98/3/2020
Jeanne Wolfe9/229/22/2020
Jennifer Alexander10/1710/1810/1910/1910/12/2020
Jennifer Alexander10/12/2020
Jennifer Alexander10/12/2020
Jennifer McGraw10/110/810/158/31/2020
Jill Casasola8/319/219/288/29/2020
Jill Goldman10/910/1410/1510/199/21/2020
Jill Goldman10/19/2020B
Jill Goldman🚫 🚫 10/19/2020B
JJ Tijero10/119/25/2020
Joanne Rome10/2010/7/2020
Jody Tennant9/199/219/239/22/2020
John DiMaina8/158/188/229/38/15/2020
Judy McGowan9/179/2110/19/11/2020
Juliet Heimberg9/179/189/2810/19/8/2020
Juliet Heimberg10/1/2020
Juliet Heimberg10/1/2020
Katherine Dodson9/2810/410/98/15/2020
Katherine Dodson8/15/2020
Katie/Jon Bluth9/189/2310/610/69/26/2020
Katy Reilly9/1/2020
Katya Vert-Wong9/179/2510/99/21/2020
Katya Vert-Wong9/21/2020
Kerry Mustico7/137/177/12/2020
Kim Purring9/289/22/2020
Kristin Szumlas10/15🚫 🚫 🚫 10/14/2020
Laney Kuo9/119/1610/710/209/10/2020
Laney Kuo9/10/2020
Laura McNay5/296/16/226/295/29/2020
Laurel Murphy10/20/2020
Laurie Riker7/87/107/12/2020
Leanne Mos9/39/179/2410/89/2/2020
Leigh Buchanan10/1710/1810/219/29/2020
Leigh Buchanan9/29/2020
Li Ives8/319/710/68/30/2020
Lilly Ibrahim🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 9/8/2020
Lisa Battalia10/1410/2010/11/2020
Lisa Boyd9/39/179/2410/18/5/2020
Lisa Boyd8/5/2020
Lisa Levine🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/19/2020
Lisa Yazdani10/510/1010/1110/197/31/2020
Lisa Yazdani7/31/2020
Lisa Yazdani7/31/2020
Lisa Yazdani10/4/2020
Lisa Yazdani10/4/2020
Lisa Yazdani10/4/2020
Lisa Yazdani10/4/2020
Lisa Yazdani10/19/2020B
Lisa Yazdani10/19/2020B
Lisa Yazdani10/19/2020B
Lisa Yazdani10/19/2020B
Lisa Yazdani10/19/2020B
Lisa Yazdani🚫 🚫 10/19/2020B
Lori Rodman8/25/2020
Marcy Kreindler8/268/16/2020
Mari Collins8/98/238/308/7/2020
Maria Passero10/510/1410/6/2020
Martha Segreti9/119/11/2020
Maureen Doyle10/710/810/149/24/2020
Megan Haas9/3010/710/1410/218/31/2020
Megan Haas10/21/2020B
Melanie Mace🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 6/3/2020
Melissa Adler10/2110/7/2020
Melissa Peppe7/10/2020
Michael Hammond9/2310/109/21/2020
Michelle Ballman10/1510/18/2020
Michelle Ballman10/18/2020
Michelle Jacoby9/2810/510/810/149/24/2020
Mike Zehr9/4/2020
Miriam Ostria7/257/24/2020
Miyuki Sato9/2810/177/18/2020
Miyuki Sato9/27/2020
Natalie Kupinsky10/110/159/22/2020
Natalie Leon10/1010/9/2020
Nicky Goren9/189/229/299/4/2020
Nita Elie8/14/2020
Norma Mendelson10/1410/1710/1810/11/2020
Norma Mendelson10/11/2020
Pamela Kanstoroom10/1410/199/23/2020
Patricia Bibes9/29/99/159/169/2/2020
patricia bibes9/229/22/2020
Patricia Cohen8/12/2020
Rachel Dinkes 10/1710/20🚫 🚫 10/20/2020B
Raina Fishbane10/16/2020
Raina Fishbane10/16/2020
Raina Fishbane10/16/2020
Rebecca Hammond10/108/24/2020
Rika Austin🚫 🚫 🚫 9/26/2020
Robin Brille9/20/2020
Robin Brille🚫 🚫 🚫 10/19/2020B
Rudy Casasola10/3/2020
Ryan Rhodes8/219/19/99/218/24/2020
Sally Dorfmann8/309/610/198/27/2020
Sally Dorfmann8/27/2020
Scott Miller10/610/6/2020
Shari Freiman10/510/1910/4/2020
Shari Freiman10/19/2020B
Shelley Caplan8/48/118/189/298/4/2020
Shuchi Bhatt9/49/79/259/15/2020
Soraya Sussman10/610/17/2020
Soraya Sussman10/17/2020
Stacey Shenker10/810/910/8/2020
Stephanie Lenkin9/59/9/2020
Steve Dunne🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/8/2020
Sue Keil6/18/2020
Susan Lee10/210/910/1410/179/8/2020
Susan Mayer10/1010/1410/1710/10/2020
T/L Sears8/286/27/2020
Tim Atalla5/296/295/29/2020
Tria Thalman8/239/610/68/24/2020
Vicki Schwartz10/158/3/2020
Wendy Cohen9/3010/110/99/30/2020
Yoko Inoue10/410/1110/219/6/2020
yvette Fontenot10/1410/14/2020
Yvonne Brooks10/1110/1510/1710/1910/5/2020
Yvonne Brooks10/5/2020
ZZ- Filled Passes
ZZ-Ana Molina9/89/219/259/2810/159/4/2020
ZZ-Ann Kopsidas9/2810/110/710/810/1410/5/2020
ZZ-Evan Hendricks10/810/910/1110/1810/1910/10/2020
ZZ-Galen Loehr10/15🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/16/2020
ZZ-Howard Heller10/2010/2110/21🚫 🚫 10/19/2020B
ZZ-Howard Heller9/219/229/239/2510/199/21/2020
ZZ-Jennifer Alexander10/810/910/1410/1410/1510/12/2020
ZZ-Laurel Murphy10/15🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/13/2020
ZZ-Lori Rodman6/38/88/229/610/206/3/2020
ZZ-Maya Pilkington10/14🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/18/2020
ZZ-Melissa Adler10/1010/1110/1710/1810/1410/7/2020
ZZ-Nancy Mattheeussen9/99/2110/510/710/148/19/2020
ZZ-Raina Fishbane10/1010/1110/1510/1710/1810/16/2020
ZZ-Robin Brille9/199/2810/310/1910/209/20/2020
ZZ-Robyn Bernitt9/2910/610/1710/1810/209/22/2020
ZZ-Sally Bailey7/107/117/179/2810/157/6/2020
ZZ-Siobhan Halmos9/39/2410/110/810/158/7/2020
ZZ-Teresa Marshall10/1510/1910/20🚫 🚫 10/19/2020B
ZZ-Tricia Rose10/1410/1510/1710/1810/1910/1/2020
ZZ-zehra peynircioglu10/14🚫 🚫 🚫 🚫 10/9/2020