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Top 10 Signs It’s Time To Dump Your Doubles Partner

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by Karla Araujo Marriages fail. Business partnerships fall apart. Families feud. It’s no secret that getting along with any type of partner can be problematic. [...]

12 Tennis Resolutions To Reform Your Snarky Habits

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by Karla Araujo We’ve all misbehaved just a little bit on the tennis court, haven’t we? Who among us hasn’t called a close shot out [...]

Ladies Tennis Cartoon

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10 Things to Explain to Non-Tennis Playing Friends

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Why you refer to yourself as a 3.5 Why grand slams are basically our equivalent to Fashion Week Why we can’t play with anyone else’s [...]

Bridesmades Tennis War

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The Code: The Players’ Guide for Unofficiated Matches

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PRINCIPLES 1. Courtesy. Tennis is a game that requires cooperation and courtesy from all participants. Make tennis a fun game by praising your opponents’ good [...]

Are You A Tennis Addict? Take This Self Test

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By Karla Araujo <a href="http://betterafter50 click to read" target="_blank">Read the very funny article…

Why You Should Never Tell the Truth in Tennis

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By Karla Araujo Read the Full Article Tennis Face Fun “Nice try,” my partner mutters as she dusts the optic yellow fuzz and dusky green [...]